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The Human Design System is a transmission which has arrived on our planet in 1987. It is an invitation to the mind to try a dynamic experiment, which allows us not only to widen our logic and imaginative capacities but also to experience the breaking through of those boundaries in everyday situations.

Of course, we all know a lot about ourselves. We have been taught and conditioned in courses, books, therapies, experiences, during our schooldays and ultimately since our birth. So how can yet another system possibly tell us something new about ourselves?

Each of us was born with the clear recall of his or her uniqueness. While as infants we cannot remember our own failures, we start to interpret certain experiences as we grow up and store them deeply in our memory. Those mental imprints gradually become the basis of seemingly fixed thought and behaviour patterns. The original awareness of our true intelligence and purpose gradually fades away only to flare up painfully when we encounter resistance, frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment.

Human Design System
a formula for falling in love with yourself

Human Design (HD) is a revolutionary synthesis of the latest scientific discoveries in Physics and Genetics, and the ancient wisdom of Astrology, I Ching, Kabala, and the chakra system.
It works with the understanding that the true nature of any individual can be revealed through a genetic imprint originating from the date, time and place of birth. Does that sound like astrology? HD offers a much more precise and detailed reading of the uniqueness of each of us.

What is Human Design?
I see it as a state of the art tool to understand more precisely the uniqueness of every human being and how they can be supported in exactly the right way to get free from their conditioning.
It not only tells me in great detail who I am, but how I can actually be and live moment to moment in alignment with my true nature. This takes me out of trying to fulfil some conditioned ideas which could include the HD information itself of who I think I might or should be.

Is it another definition of who we are?
HD is not a belief system. It does not create any dependencies. It does offer a very simple and practical key that you can test by experimenting in your day to day activities.
In fact when I pass on these keys I feel that I offer people an opportunity to cut the pattern of needing to be guided by some outer authority. Instead, they can get in contact with their own inner authority. This is the place inside us that is designed to guide us moment to moment, every step of the way. With this inner guidance we can be sure that wherever we are, we are doing whats really good for us at the right time and with the right people.
To be grounded in ones own inner authority, and through that in ones own uniqueness, takes away fears and jealousies and even the need to improve oneself. It is possible to experience a sense of surrender to ones own unique flow of life with less resistance and struggle both within and without. For any meditator, this is an important aspect of the work.

Can you say more about how Human Design supports the meditator?
HD is a system that can help people to accept and love themselves as who they are in their unique humanness so that their body and mind can relax from the tension of their inner struggles and meditation can happen more easily. This is certainly my experience.
The feedback from participants during and after the courses was that they felt more open and present in the meditations that surround the process

What led you to this way of working?
My name, Veet Nisarg, means beyond nature. One of the things Osho says about that is: Sannyas is basically the search for the ultimate unity, because only with that unity can we be blissful and eternal and deathless. So go beyond the ordinary nature that is part of you, and find within you something that is there which transcends ordinary nature. Just the right approach, the right method, the right vision, and suddenly it is yours. And that is your true reality; that is your very being. To discover it is the whole purpose of life.
Needless to say, from the moment I heard those words, the search for the ultimate unity has become the single, most important interest in my life. It has taken me to all the corners of the planet that have been available to me on the outer and the inner plane. I did every kind of therapy and meditation technique offered throughout the years I was living and working at the Osho Meditation Resort.
I received an exquisite education at the Multiversity in the Esoteric Sciences and many other energy oriented therapies which allowed me to work as a facilitator for groups, trainings and individual sessions at the Multiversity and later worldwide.
My years of training helped me develop my natural sensitivity towards the finest nuances of human energy how to be grounded in it and how to work with it. I am deeply grateful because that training and my experience of working with countless groups and individual sessions prepared the ground for me to understand the value of HD when it came into my life.
One of the things I remember was drawing X-rays of peoples subtle bodies the energy layers that surround them. When I understood the value of HD it felt like the radiology of our energy system had arrived, with the same possibilities as radiology has given the medical world. An experienced doctor could sometimes heal people even though he could not look inside the body. But what a revolution when X-rays could be made that enabled them to see more clearly!

Can you say more about the special features of Human Design?
With this method I can see fine nuances that I was not able to see before, and I am able to reach people in a much deeper way. But more than that, I can give them something which they can use by themselves to get clear.
HD has given me an understanding in my work that I could not have grasped without it. I can offer now a new emotional clearing process that is more tailored to the individual. Based on the map of someones design I can support each person more respectfully and effectively in their unique process, whether in an individual session or in a group situation.
I enjoy working with parents and teachers so they can know how their children tick and the children dont have to suffer like I did. The way I can help couples in relationships is so much more effective. The whole complex field of sexualityhad I known some of the details of my design I would have saved myself a lot of unnecessary pain. The examples go on and on and on.
My dream is to create a new therapy based on this map to do everything I did before with more lasting results. I see all of us like small pieces of a puzzle that we get to see only if we all learn to recognize and accept the piece that we are, and to take our place in the picture. Everybody is a piece of something and we need the other pieces to fit exactly so the picture can become complete. The only problem is that the blue piece of sky has learned that it is better to be the brown piece of earth and vice versa.
Another image that comes to me many times is that humanity as a whole is like a big orchestra but the players have forgotten how to tune their instruments. The music that comes out is mostly some kind of disturbing noise. In a workshop I get to teach people how to tune their instrument and learn how to recognize when it is the right moment to come in and play their tune.
In my experience, HD is a great tool to help us recognize, accept and consequently love the part that we represent, and to trust that if we are in the right place at the right time, the other pieces of the puzzle can connect with us in just the right way. And who knows what the tapestry is going to look like? We all might have a big laugh at the end.

How it has helped you personally?
It felt like the last piece of the puzzle had arrived and fallen into place . The quality of meditation is becoming more and more integrated in my daily life.
In a very simple way I feel good in my skin. I am not letting my mind convince me anymore that I should be doing, or not doing, this or that so that my physical and spiritual survival is secured. Through this, a lot of pressure and tension left my body and I feel more relaxed in the moment to moment unfolding of my life.
I was always worried that I would miss if I did not try to make something happen or be part of what is going on, and that I better secure my place and make my mark. I am more kind and forgiving towards myself and consequently to others. I dont know where I am going but I am going if you know what I mean.
I am more open to be surprised by life than I have ever been. I feel younger and healthier than ten years ago, as if time is not an issue. I am profoundly alone without feeling lonely. There seems to be a quality of love emerging that is non- directional and spacious, and is not walking around with a begging bowl.
It feels as if the meaning of my name is slowly and gently coming true. I feel myself imbedded in a greater whole. And that gives me an immense sense of security and freedom in my day to day life.
Sometimes I feel a surge of gratitude for the gift of this life that has brought me to where I am at present and who knows whats still up? I am open to surprises.

An interview with a participant in the workshop

Abheeru participated in the last Human Design course. We asked him to tell us about it.
I joined the three day course, Human Design: Dropping Beliefs. I did not know HD at all, but I knew Nisarg from her chakra work, which I liked, so I was thinking this is a good chance to learn something new.

What was the course like?
We were exploring the HD charts of each person in a nice relaxed atmosphere. Everybody got explanations of their chart and experienced the feel of it in small actions/explorations. We worked with beliefs from each participant and using HD, I could understand the beliefs I have better, and my pattern of reaction to the world.

How has it benefited you?
It was a very good experience to understand my chart. I did try some experiments with it for some of my issues. I could see that it is important for me to take my time to decide, ask my belly first, and even to let a sound come.
It helped me to understand some of my patterns of how I create stress and pressure the way I act and react and my beliefs around these patterns.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I liked the course very much. It helped me to see myself more clearly. Nisarg gave so much space for everybody and at the same time managed to keep the group together. It was a very good experience.